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What qualifies as an adventure? At TOBE Outerwear, we think that’s up to you to decide. That’s why our tagline is ”choose your path.” Because freedom can’t be defined. Your adventure might be moving to the mountains after decades of living in the city. Or it might be carving through a foot of fresh, exploring the backcountry, taking your family to camp for the weekend, mountain biking, climbing or building a new home. Adventure can take many forms. The one thing they all have in common? They all rely on good equipment. 

TOBE Outerwear was born in northern Sweden, where the winters are long, the snow is deep, and snowmobiling is a way of life. We have a saying here that roughly translates to ”there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.” You could say that’s what inspired us to design our own gear. What started as a mission to create high-performance snowmobile gear grew into a passion for supporting all kinds of adventures. To us, it’s not just a matter of staying warm and dry. Quality gear keeps us safe. It keeps us moving. It keeps us focused.

Today, TOBE Outerwear is run by a dedicated team of enthusiasts that live for new experiences. We’ve stayed true to our roots, designing gear for the backyard we grew up in, experiencing nature on its terms. We’re dedicated to designing gear for better adventures. So whichever path you choose, choose TOBE Outerwear as your partner.





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