Passing the tundra to make it for dinner, an adventure between mountain villages

Passing the tundra to make it for dinner, an adventure between mountain villages

There is a way to create adventures out of nothing and your imagination is the tool to make it happen. Adventure lovers Sara and Danny set out on a journey between two mountain villages in the north of Sweden with one goal in mind, to reach Sweden’s oldest mountain hotel Fjällnäs just in time for dinner.

Distances in nature are both far and short. Only 100 km / 62 miles sets the two mountain villages apart but roads are not built straight and going by car would mean a 300 km / 186.4 miles drive each way. The couple came up with another idea and set off on their snowmobiles for dinner with friends. It meant a 200 km / 124.3 miles ride passing through forests, over lakes and crossing tundras.

It was 6 am on a Saturday morning when they set off from Åre in the dark. The rest of the world was still sleeping. A powder dream was laid out before them and they made fresh tracks all the way through the forest of Vålådalen. They followed the trail on the tundra, past Vålåstugorna, where no trees grow and the forces of nature always make the final call.

The sunrise was pleasant in the valley but the wind made for harsh conditions on the tundra. Sharp rocks hid under icy snow layers and the powder dream was long gone. The couple pushed through and passed Sami reindeer enclosures and small herding villages. No reindeers were to be seen this day but wild rabbits hid among the mountain birches and grouse took off before them in large numbers.

When they reached the village of Ljungris there was time for a coffee and a quick snack before riding the deep pow up the power line to Flatruet. Fjällnäs was finally within distance and the lights from the hotel led the way the last kilometer over the lake. It was yet again pitch black. The January days are short on light but the lit up fire made for a warm welcome to Fjällnäs.

The evening was spent dining with friends, a warm sauna and a refreshing dip in the lake through a hole in the ice.

The next morning was crisp and beautiful with inversion weather which is typical for the Swedish mountain range. -30 degrees Celsius felt a little cold on the nose but as they got higher up the mountain they left the extreme temperatures behind and by the foot of famous mountain range Helags, listed as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world, they stopped for a lunch break with the best views you could imagine. Endless tundra laid before them and neither people nor tracks were to be seen. This is as good as it gets, they agreed as they continued onwards and reached their home in Åre a couple of hours later.

Sara and Danny have plans for more dinner adventures on their snowmobiles and hope to make this happen in April of 2022.