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Name: Amanda Jonsson


Age: 28


Hometown: Lycksele, Sweden


Current location: Lycksele, Sweden


Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile


Riding style: “Love tree riding, ‘smooth but hard’"


How did you get your start: “I was about 8 months old when my dad took me out for the first ride! And I was hooked right away."


Favorite TOBE Gear: “Mono Suit because it’s so flexible and warm.”


What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? Only the best is Good enough, and so many pieces to choose from.”


Favorite zones: “Tärnaby, Hemavan, Ledvattsfjäll”


Plans and goals for this season: “Push my limits more and drive as much as possible. And of course meet many new people with the same interests.”


Biggest Accomplishment: “Always driving with a smile and never afraid of failure.”

Inspiration: " I learn from many and they inspire me. No one mentioned; no one forgotten.”


Anything else people should know about you: "Get ready for me! 😜 I ride sleds because it's make me smile all the time."

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