Andrew Munster of Munster Canada, TOBE Athlete

Do you know what Andrew Munster of Munster Canada said his favorite thing is about snowmobiling? Watch this 3 minute video where you'll hear him share this and so much more about this TOBE Athlete. Click below:

TOBE Tribe News: Your Faves are Now Available in Your Size

Our amazing #TOBEtribe bought almost every single item we had for sell over the holidays! The requests kept coming for the Novo V3 and Vivid V2 Mono Suits, our Merino Wool Base Layers, the Terminator Helmets and Nimbus Boots that we've restocked just for you! Never had a TOBE hoodie or cap? We've just gotten more of those in as well!

Four of the Reasons Why Andrew rides TOBE:

+TOBE's gear has the HIGHEST WATERPROOF RATING of any snowmobile gear. It's 45K! You'll hear so many non-TOBE'ies talking about Goretex but our tribe knows the real goods are in Sympatex. It's just another way TOBE keeps you dryer, warmer and safer.
+TOBE's Nimbus Boots are waterproof rated for 14 hours! No more settling for freezing and wet feet - not another day cut short or ruined! TOBE pioneered the seem-sealing from the inside and keeps pushing for better ways to protect you for longer. We don't want to come in early from the mountain, the trees, or the trails and we push and push for better and better so our Tribe doesn't have to either.
+TOBE's Terminator Airoh Helmets are THE LIGHTEST snowmobile helmets on the planet. ONE DAY wearing a Terminator will show you just how sore your neck and head got with the heavier helmets. This is a huge favorite for TOBE Athletes.
+You've hopefully had enough snow to get out and play. Are your gloves really taking care of your fingers and hands? Are you able to get the grip you need on your handlebars? Check out TOBE's leather gloves - we invested more heavily to use large leather panels on our gloves so there's significantly less chance of any seems breaking.
If your boots are failing - it's time to choose the TOBE Nimbus or Cordus
If your knees and your bum are getting wet and freezing look at the Novo V3 Mono Suit and the 3-layer Rex Mono Suits.
If you're sweat is freezing on you look at our Primus Merino Base Layers.
TOBE has a solution for your every need.
Have questions about size or availability? Start a Live Chat in the corner or email us at We love our Tribe and look forward to helping you stay safe, warm and dry!


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