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Name: Joey Junker

Age: 36

Hometown: Juneau, Alaska

Current location: Anchorage, Alaska

Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile

Riding style: “My goal has never been to be a professional Sledder, I have always just been passionate about riding and pushed myself and always work harder than everyone else and things just grew. I couldn't be more thankful and fortunate for the opportunities I have had in my career!!"

How did you get your start: “Transition from snowboarding into snowmobile to access more terrain then just got hook and snowboarding faded for me."

Favorite TOBE Gear: “Mono suit hands down!! Not only is it the best built gear it's the most comfortable. The mono suit is in a league of its own and others just try and copy.”

What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “TOBE has always fit my style coming from a ski/snowboarding background and what I have always loved is that's it's run by like-minded passionate people like myself that can also shred!”

Favorite zones: “Chugach range, AK”

Plans and goals for this season: “The ultimate goal is to always find new terrain to explore with the best snow and weather! I am going to push further out this season with some ride/fly/camp missions and also try to pow surf on socked-in days, it is one of the purest snow sports I have ever experienced.”

Biggest Accomplishment:  “Being a Tobe ambassador of course! Maybe 5 years ago a guy that I have worked with throughout my career asked me if there was any gear I could ride for what would I choose? I said TOBE and we set out to make that happen and even after my heel injury that almost ended my career they have stuck with me! As far as I am concerned I plan on wearing TOBE for a long, long time.” [That’s our plan too!]

Inspiration: "I think my dad has been my biggest inspiration, he was good at everything and anything he put his mind to and, even though I am not a super competitive person, I will always try to live up to his legacy.”

Anything else people should know about you: "I have always said that if you are half as talented you just have to work twice as hard as everyone else...there are way more talented guys out there than me, that's for sure. I just truly love riding and have always worked as hard as I could to be the best of my abilities."

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