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Name: Marlene Føre Frantzen

Age: 28

Hometown: Narvik, Norway

Current location: Riksgränsen, Sweden

Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile

Riding style: “Snowmobiling has become more of a passion than a hobby to me - I an adrenaline addict. I ride every opportunity I get (I work as the General Manager at Quality Hotel Grand Royal in Narvik, Norway). It is what makes my mind relax the most, but at the same time makes my heart race the fastest. It is impossible to explain if you haven’t experienced it.

Riding a snowmobile is about 3 things to me:

  1. Adrenaline and development
  2. Experiencing and exploring nature
  3. Being social with my friends

I have been riding the same mountains since I was 16, yet I’m fascinated by the spectacular nature and the uniqueness each season has to offer. From the first snowfall of the season, riding under Aurora Borealis, until the sun is up 24/7 in the spring and melts it away, I head to my cabin in Sweden because riding in Norway is actually illegal."

How did you get your start: “My family bought a cabin in the Swedish mountains when I was 16. My mom and I bought a snowmobile to share, but unfortunately for my mom she didn't get to ride it a lot because I used it all the time. It didn't take much time behind the handlebars before I got hooked."

Favorite TOBE Gear: “The overalls [mono suits]! They are comfortable, warm, and keep me dry.”

What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “It’s simply because TOBE has the best quality gear and design out there!”

Favorite zones: “Riksgränsen”

Plans and goals for this season: “Have a lot of fun, develop as a rider, accomplish my riding goals, experience new places, and make memories.”

Biggest Accomplishment:  “Managing to keep up with the guys in the backcountry, as well as trying the same jumps as them. Next goal is to get more airtime.”

Inspiration: "Skilled riders, and the surrounding nature. I often set my goals after seeing others doing tricks that I want to accomplish. The nature itself is also an inspiration as we often ride just to explore.

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Marlene snowmobiling in Riksgransen, Sweden 

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