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Name: Sam Standing

Hometown: The sticks, Ontario

Current location: Whistler, BC

Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile

Riding style: “I like to think I’m a smooth, powerful rider with good judgement. Pushing my limits and getting creative with features is what excites me.”

How did you get your start: “Although having a few old beater sleds growing up, I got seriously into snowmobiling after I moved to Whistler around 2005. I worked at a local tour company maintaining their fleet of snowmobiles and took full advantage of having all the sleds around. Every chance I got I’d be exploring the area and working on my skills of getting unstuck. The first time the “old boys” (Sorry Todd and Matt!) took me out for a big day in the mountains, I knew I was hooked for life!"

Favorite TOBE Gear: “I haven’t found a piece of TOBE gear that I don’t like yet but if I had to choose only one to have it would have to be the VIVID BOA BOOT. At first I was sceptical of the two piece design but it didn’t take long to win me over. The liner makes it super comfortable and the stiff outer waterproof shell is exactly what you want when you spend countless hours on and off your machine in the backcountry. The soles are also great. Grippy enough, yet tough enough that I put them through a full season of abuse on my sled and snowbike and they still look and feel awesome. Just like the rest of the line up, TOBE nailed it on this one!”

What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “TOBE is the ideal brand for me for a few reasons. The gear is the best on the market for my needs, it’s a one stop shop for outerwear, and the people behind it are awesome. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about everyone involved in the brand. ”

Favorite zones: “The one I haven’t been to yet. Exploring new places it what it’s all about!”

Plans and goals for this season: “To shred as much as possible, explore new zones, and get as upside down as I can with my friends!”

Biggest Accomplishment:  “I almost made a girl orgasm once.”

Inspiration: "I get inspired the most by riding with my good friends and feeding off of each other. Whether it’s trying something we haven’t done before or just putting out good vibes, they are always upping the game and inspiring me to do the same."

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