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Name: Shannan Yates

Birthday: May 7

Hometown: Kearns, Utah 

Current location: Cottonwood Heights, Utah

Sport: Freeride Snowboard

Riding style: “I love steep lines, challenging terrain and of course deep snow! ”

How did you get your start: “My family didn’t ski, so I was a late bloomer as far as winter sports go. I encountered my first snowboard when I was 13 at a sledding hill where I met a kid who had one. I was into skateboarding and was very interested in his board for snow, so I asked the kid if I could give it a try. I of course was hooked. I asked for one for Christmas and Santa brought me a Burton Performer Elite (pawn shop special). I talked my parents into letting me join the ski club and went with the school once a month on Friday afternoons to go night skiing at Brighton. It was a tough learning curve for sure! When I graduated high school half a year early, in January, I went straight up to Snowbird and got a job at Mid Gad Restaurant! I have been riding in the Cottonwood Canyons ever since! "

Favorite TOBE Gear: “The Vivid Mono Suit is super rad! It kept me warm and dry in some of the gnarliest conditions I have encountered in the mountains from gale force winds to soggy rain. I love how I feel in it also, it's super comfy and easy for layering up underneath. I also love the Fingo Jacket/Bib combo!”

What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “I love how durable and rugged this gear is! TOBE keeps my warm and dry in all conditions! I am super tough on my gear and this stuff is bomber! It also looks super rad!”

Favorite zones: “I love Snowbird and Solitude in the Cottonwood Canyons! If you want to see my favorite zones come shred my home mountains with me!”

Plans and goals for this season: “Keep riding hard and having fun!”

Biggest Accomplishment: “2014 World Champion of the Freeride World Tour. 2012 North Face Masters Champion. 2010 Verbier Xtreme Champion. 2010 North Face Masters Champion. ”

Inspiration: "There is so much athletic talent in the world that this question is very difficult to answer. I do admire Travis Rice in particular for his snowboarding talent and the dedication that he puts into anything he does. Barrett Christy is a true inspiration! She is one of the pioneers for women's snowboarding, she still shreds super hard, she is a Kick Ass mom and supports up and coming women in the industry! "

Anything else people should know about you: "Keep doing what you love, smile and have fun!"

Shannan Yates snowboarding in Austria after the Freeride World Tour event

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