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Name: Blaine Klawiter


Age: 32


Hometown: Greeley, Colorado


Current location: Steamboat, Colorado


Sport: Backcountry Snowmobile


Riding style: “I ride with an immense passion for the sport. Most importantly I ride for fun!”


How did you get your start: “My father got me into snowmobiling at an early age. My passion for the sport grew after high school when I moved to Breckenridge Colorado."


Favorite TOBE Gear: “My favorite piece of TOBE gear would have to be my Novo mono suit. It gives me the peace of mind that I will stay warm and dry on those long Backcountry days.”


What makes TOBE the ideal gear for you? “TOBE is a one of a kind brand, there is nothing else out there like it. The humans behind the brand are dedicated, knowledgeable and stand behind their products.”


Favorite zones: “Rabbit ears, Vail Pass, Alpine Wyoming, Revelstoke BC”


Plans and goals for this season: “To ride more days, explore new zones, share my love for the sport and go bigger than last year.”


Biggest Accomplishment: “Featured on the cover of Mountain Sledder magazine. My biggest accomplishment last year was proving to myself and others that I could be a great Backcountry snowmobile guide.”

Inspiration: "My father inspires me to work hard and be the best man I can be . My girlfriend Carly also inspires me to overcome any challenges with a smile on my face."


Anything else people should know about you: "Everyone deserves a place in the backcountry; whether it’s on skis, a snowboard, a snow-bike or a snowmobile.

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