Merino 3/4 Long john M, Black

Merino 3/4 Long john M, Black

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A base layer made to be tight fitting and in direct contact with your skin.

This traps air next to your skin and insulates the body from the cold. All combined with the wools extreme ability to transport sweat away from your body.

The new LITE fabric is flat-knitted which results in more direct contact against the skin than Woolpower’s Ullfrotté Original fabric.


  • 80 % Merino wool - For excellent moisture and odour control
  • 20 % Polyamide - For extreme durability

Sizing: XXS-XXL


  • Odour free
  • Perfect for high-level activiy
  • Great moisture vapour regulation
  • Flat-knitted
  • Optimized design with few seams
  • Can be used all year around
  • Smooth elastic waistband
  • Optimal usage with high socks

Did you know?

When originally designed for the Swedish and Norweigen armies, a requirement was a tough wear that can withstand ruff treatment and to be washable at high temperatures (60°C, 140°F)

One seamstress sews the entire garment from start to finish. The seamstress signs off on the garment by sewing a nametag into it.