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Warranty Claim

We are sorry that you are experiencing problems with your product. Make sure that you read our Warranty information, and if you believe that the problem you are having is covered under TOBE warranty please fill out the form below. ***ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED***

***ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT CLAIM*** 1. If your claim is accepted, the product must be washed before sending it to us. Not doing so can result in the product being sent back or a fee being charged. 2. We will handle the warranty claim as fast as possible, but it usually takes between 1-2 weeks. And in some cases even longer if we are missing the material/fabric needed for the repair. 3. We mainly repair the function of the product, so in some cases small visual changes may occur. But we always try to keep it as original as possible. 4. By submitting the claim you agree that you have read our warranty information, and that there are no other damages to the product outside of the one you are sending the claim for.